CCTV Security

Protect your business with commercial-grade surveillance camera systems implemented and designed by professionals in IP / CCTV security systems. Slomoes Corporation will help you find the best value security systems to protect and monitor your home or business proactively. We can tailor your CCTV camera system to fit your property size and security needs.


cctv systems

We offer various services, from converged to a dedicated CCTV network, bandwidth budget, storage capacity, built-in resilience and redundancy, lighting optimization between cameras and artificial lighting. Slomoes will help you manage all the nuances that come with managing a CCTV network including how the cameras are monitored, where are they monitored from, where your CCTV data is stored and for how long is it stored.

Our CCTV Security team is focused on presenting clear and precise information to clients allowing the client to make an informed decision when choosing a solution.

Our CCTV Services

  • CCTV Feasibility Studies
  • CCTV Audit and Assessment
  • CCTV Strategy
  • CCTV Detailed Design
  • CCTV Procurement Support
  • CCTV Project Management during construction and implementation phases
  • CCTV Installation