Computer Security

We assist clients with their end-to-end computer security requirements by evaluating their existing security deployment across the entire organization to identify vulnerabilities to formulate a holistic Cyber Security strategy and roadmap.

We educate your organization on the importance of safe internet browsing, unsafe websites, and suspicious links and email spamming scams. We also implement firewalls and antivirus systems.

  • 24×7 continuous security monitoring and event correlation
  • Detailed computer security reports
  • Client dashboard
  • Router/switch monitoring
  • Firewall monitoring
  • Log monitoring, correlation, and storage
  • Network intrusion detection (NIDS) and monitoring
  • Wireless intrusion detection (WIDS) and monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning and reporting
  • Monitoring of:
    • Anti-virus for servers and gateways.
    • SPAM and data loss prevention.