VPN Solutions

Create a safe and encrypted connection for your enterprise using our enterprise-grade VPN Solutions. Corporate environments are changing, some tasks requiring mobility and distributed teams, the nature of work is moving away from the typical desktop environment. Achieving seamless mobility has become an expectation. This leaves IT teams struggling to simplify the technology environment while serving increasingly mobile workers.

Organizations are discovering that enterprise remote access empowers the mobile and distributed workforce whether their job has them in the field all day, occasionally mobile, or working from another location.

Slomoes Corporation remote access solutions allow you to facilitate the implementation, use, and management of a remote access network.

Advantages of Implementing VPN Solutions

  • Universal use for all kinds of hardware infrastructure
  • Support of multiple operating systems
  • Secure and fast connections – even at a hotspot
  • Ease of use
  • Automation
  • Simple labor-turnover management
  • Efficient and fast mass rollouts